A variety of original illustrations that were used for the web.
Showdown at the Salon: How Hairdressing Became the Thing We Fight About in the Middle of the Pandemic The Shelley Luther saga gave Texas politicians an excuse to change the conversation, and deflect blame. What I Learned as a Young Black Political Speaker in Liberal White Austin The recent uprisings have confirmed for me that platitudes aren’t enough.
Does Buc-ee’s Really Have The  Best Gas Station Coffee In America
The beloved Texas pit stop’s brew placed first in the nation for the third year in a row.
“Scheduling Angels” Are Scouring the Internet to Book Vaccine Appointments for Strangers"Volunteers across Texas have stepped up to help seniors, non-English speakers, and others in need navigate an opaque system.
How Republican Lawmakers Might Redraw the Texas Congressional 
The state is expected to receive three new U.S. House seats. But those looking to expand the GOP majority in the congressional delegation won’t have an easy task.
Matthew McConaughey’s Memoir Doesn’t Dispel His Own Mythology—But Does Challenge It
In his recently released memoir, the Texan actor spins tall tales that just so happen to be true.
Could Voting by Mail in November Become an Act of Civil Disobedience?
Unless the courts rule decisively, Texas voters could face a terrible choice: risk their health at the polls, or risk prosecution by using a mail-in ballot.
Two Austin Women Hope to Build the First Lab-Grown Brisket
The founders of BioBQ are designing a real-meat version of the Texas barbecue favorite—no animal slaughter required.

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